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Get help with File Explorer in Windows 10

File Explorer


What is file explorer?

File explorer(previously known as Windows Explorer) is a file manager application of the microsoft windows OS.

It navigates or manages files, folders, drives, documents, programs on your computer. 


How to open access file explorer in windows 10?

You can open it by clicking file explorer icon shortcut on the taskbar. It looks like a folder icon.

Press Windows Key + E on your keyboard


How to run file explorer with admin rights on windows 10?

Right-Click a file. Click run as administrator menu from the context menu.

File explorer will launch with admin rights.


How to search for files or folders with file explorer?

Select a location to search or browse. Type the name of files or folder into the search box

How to show file extension in windows 10?

Open file explorer. Click view tab. Click options menu.

Click view tab. Uncheck hide extensions for known file types. and click ok.


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